This page is mostly a links page, but it also lists out rulebooks being used for this game. The Coming Night uses the nWoD Storyteller rules set along with Mage: The Awakening.

Rule Books in Use

  • General Purpose
    These books provide the core rules of the nWoD system and are applicable to everything you do, from creating a character to dying tragically.
    • World of Darkness
    • Armory
    • Mage: The Awakening
  • Additional Rules Options
    Each of these books adds some options (typically supernatural) for character creation, suplemental rules, and story options that can be used by players. Generally, assume that if it’s not a template, I’m okay with your using an option from these books.
    • Inferno
    • Second Sight
    • Tales of the 13th Precinct
    • Magical Traditions (MtA)
    • Tome of the Watchtowers (MtA)

Character Creation

Character creation is explained in detail on pages 34 and 35 of the core rulebook, World of Darkness. For the first session, we’re playing as mortals, so the extra rules from Mage: the Awakening and its supplements aren’t necessary for initial creation. However, feel free to reference these books when making your mortal character. The Character Creation page specifically lists off questions / issues you should address when developing your character and background.

House Rules

In the event we need to clarify a rule, or modify one, it’ll be explained here.

h2/ Table Rules

As we discover a need to control behavior around the table, this’ll be where such rules get a home.


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