Character Creation Rules

Character Options

As mentioned on the Rules page, there are several books that would allow you to incorporate a small element of the supernatural into your otherwise mortal character. I’d recommend you consider them long & hard before taking one, and ask what impact they’ll have on your character and the game, both mechanically and from a story perspective.

Character Questionnaire

When you develop your character, you should try to answer at least some of these questions, either directly or indirectly. You may find it helpful to use these questions to develop the concept, as much as the other way around.

Some of these questions (particularly #1) need to be answered so I know where you fit into the world, others are here to help. Feel free to edit this page to add questions you think people might enjoy considering for their characters.

  1. Given the setup offered on the Home page, what relationship does your character have with the town and its unusual visitors? Is he a native? Or perhaps one of the researchers? To top it off, Nathan has brought a camera crew to film a documentary of the findings and a full staff of support personnel.
  1. If you have an attribute or skill above 3 are you naturally talented, or did you sweat your way to excellence? What motivated your character to develop this ability?
  1. Do you have any supernatural traits (as from Second Sight), if so, where did they come from? Does your character view them as a blessing, or a curse?

Character Creation Rules

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