Nathan Fletcher

Multi-millionaire, CEO of Fletcher Enterprises


By his early twenties, Nathan Fletcher had squandered his family’s billion dollar fortune as a philanthropist, patron of the arts, and bungling inventor. By his twenty-fifth birthday, he had a Manhattan penthouse, his Dodge Viper, and a bankrupt corporation to his name. Most of his friends had moved to greener pastures, or at least ones with more economic sense.

Fearing the worst, Fletcher sold the penthouse to fund one last project for the once proud Fletcher Enterprises, living out of his Viper for the duration. This time Nathan turned to other, more capable, personnel to manage the job and got out of the way. Two years later, Fletcher Enterprises owned five subsidiaries and showed a balance in the black to the tune of a half billion dollars. Once more, Nathan had money to burn through, and this time he put most of it in the capable hands of a CPA.

Now, with most of his personal wealth guarded by a CPA and the corporate finances jealously watched by a Board of Directors once burned and twice shy, Nathan spends what he can on side projects knowing there will always be a reliable source of money in the background.

Recent Events

During the events in Hawkeye, our team has learned that Nathan is involved with the occult. He was directly responsible for at least six deaths that the group could confirm and he knowingly unleashed the undead horror which ravaged the town.

Nathan was able to escape justice through some form of enchantment that left most of the Hamlet without memory of the events before fleeing the scene.

Nathan Fletcher

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